M8 Lagoon Nebula

M8 Lagoon Nebula - Dave Samuels

Acquisition Date : 05/15/2005, Fremont Peak, California
Camera : Canon 20D unmodified
about 42 degrees F
Camera Settings : 14 cr2 raw frames
14 x 30sec 1600ISO unguided Large/Fine (jpg)
Darks and flats from a library taken months before.
No in-camera noise reduction
Mirror lock off
Telescope : 30" f/ 4.8 FL = 3658mm Newtonian
Mount : custom permanent GEM
Adapter / Prime / Afocal / Other : Prime
North is up, West is to the right
Processing Package / Processing Applied : Manually focused using diffraction spike focusing as an aid (as seen with the two brightest stars in this image). Captured using dslrfocus. Images Plus for calibrate/align/stack averaged. PS for levels and unsharp mask.
Web Site : www.davesamuels.com
NOTES : It turns out that this nebula has much more faint tentrils and whisps of faint nebulosity that is often calibrated out as noise. The very black "diver" is an indication that the extra nebulosity is not noise.

A closer look along the bottom reveals several "pillars of creation".

My first image with this scope was of M8--a single 3 minute unguided frame at 1600iso. I wanted to revisit it and improve on the focus and SNR. My only regret was in not taking more images, but I was forced to stop due to fog.