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M45 Pleides Cluster (Seven Sisters) (2006) - Dave Samuels



M45 Pleides Cluster (Seven Sisters) (2006) - Dave Samuels

Acquisition Date : 08/27/2006, Fremont Peak, California
Camera : Canon 20D unmodified about 54 degrees F
Camera Settings : 4 cr2 raw frame -
4 x 20min 1600ISO RAW, with save to PC and convert upon download. Also included JPG, which I like to do so I can check on things without having to do a lot of processing.
Darks, flats and bias taken just before sunrise.
In-camera noise reduction ON
Mirror lock off
Telescope/Optics : 600mm f/7.5 Orion ED80.
Mount : AP1200 2006 series
guided through Orion ST80 (400mm f/5.0) with DSI IIc, GPUSB shoestring, MaximDL
Adapter / Prime / Afocal / Other : None
North is up in this image, though it was to the left in the source images due to the way I have to place the camera on the mount,
Weather/Conditions : Clear - seeing was as good.
Processing Package / Processing Applied : Manually focused using IP fwhm focus data. Captured using Images Plus 2.75 for focus/capture/calibrate/align/stack averaged.
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NOTES : M45 is located at RA 3h 46.807m, DEC +24deg 11.355' (J2000)
Notice the small galaxy just to the right of Electra (on the right side of the image RA 3h 43.742m, DEC +24deg 3.644'). It is UGC 2838 at 17.29 mag (StarryNight - 17.89 by other accounts).